201 West Harford Street

(Historic Milford Schoolhouse)

PO Box 1295 
Milford, PA 18337​

P  570-618-9638





TriVersity is a 501c3 nonprofit agency that was incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania in 2009. Since that time, we have been providing services that welcome, support and empower the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ)  community living in and visiting the tri-state region. In 2012, we opened our doors to become the first LGBTQ center in Northeastern PA.

The aesthetically pleasing rural nature of the tri-state area along the Delaware river and its proximity to New York City has attracted a large number o f visitors and NYC ‘transplants’ who have brought diversity, particularly in regards to the GLBT community, to an otherwise fairly homogeneous area. In fact, Pike County, PA currently has the highest proportion of same sex coupled households in the State of Pennsylvania (December, 2007, Census Snapshot by The Williams Institute). In spite of this, there have been few resources for the GLBT population.

Throughout the initial phases of development of TriVersity time had been spent talking to members of the local LGBTQ community in an effort to determine needs. Repeatedly, one issue that had risen to the surface was; “Where do you meet people?’’.  One lesbian mother shared, “I keep telling my daughters that there are other kids who also have two moms, but to be honest, I have no idea where to meet them.” Feelings of isolation, lack of programs and services and generalized homophobia were the driving forces of TriVersity.

Today, TriVersity offers social, supportive and educational services focusing on the needs of GLBT adults, couples, teens, families, allies and the community at large.  As we continue to grow we remain committed to meeting the ever changing needs of our community and remain open to new ideas, members and programs that will allow us to grow as an organization.

Cindy Stine

Executive Director