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iCare (increasing Community Awareness through Relevant Education)

iCARE is an educational initiative of the Upper Delaware GLBT Center designed to promote acceptance, awareness and understanding of LGBTQ individuals and the unique issues they face.  Family and friends learn ways to provide support and create a home and social environment which will foster healthy development and build strong families.  Those working with the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community in their schools, businesses and agencies will learn how to be cultural competent and how to create safe and welcoming climates for students, staff and clients.


iCARE Workshops

Workshops, ranging from one hour to a full day, are customized the meet the specific needs of each group and organization.  Common topics currently include:

LGBTQ 101 - This workshop covers LGBTQ Terminology, and explains the often misunderstood terms: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression of Gender.

Bullying and the Impact on LGBTQ Youth  -   

Understanding Transgender Identity

Equality: It’s Not Just About Marriage

• Coming Out

• What to Do When Someone Comes Out to You

• Domestic Violence and the LGBTQ Victim

• My kid is gay, what should I do?

LGBT Agency Assesment

• Creating a Safe workplace




ABOUT OUR TRAINERS (to be updated)



Ash Lumpkin, assigned female at birth, self-identified as a boy since the age of three. Sharing his personal journey, he conveys the challenges and joys he experiences in his transition to becoming the transguy he identifies as today.  His honesty, openness and knowledge of transgender issues make him an exceptional speaker.  His story is insightful, moving and memorable.

Ash is a past member of the LGBTQI Youth Committee of the NJ

Division of Children and Families, and is a trainer for the Upper Delaware GLBT Center and COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere).

Can you list at least three specific ways in which it is? If not, it probably isn’t.  Working with the LGBTQ population requires a certain level of cultural competency. Education on the needs, challenges and issues of this population will provide the sensitivity and language to enable you to work respectively and effectively with LGBTQ staff and community.

Is your workplace welcoming to LGBTQ staf and clients?

When you know better,
        you do better.    
                   ~ Maya Angelo

What people are saying about iCARE workshops

"I always leave your trainings feeling most inspired, more knowledgeable and with an interest in bringing what I’ve learned to everyone I know.


The only thing that could be better is a longer workshop."



Annmarie Shafer


61 Spring Street, Newton, NJ 07860

"Thank you for a wonderful presentation.  The program was so informative and really made me think. My perspective has been somewhat altered and I am grateful for that.  Ash was amazing and gives one hope...   I couldn’t stop talking about the program and lots of people here are interested.  Thanks again for doing all you do."


Suzanne Crisman

School Counselor

Franklin Borough School


“Our Social Work students, as well as our agency-based Field Instructors, have greatly benefited from the iCARE trainings. The trainings have enabled them to see LGBT individuals through a different lens and explore issues they have never even thought about.”

Professor Terri Klemm
BSW Program Director
Centenary College


“The iCARE workshops helped me to better understand  my child and the unique issues he was facing. The more I understood, the closer we grew.”   

Susan L Bamford Reinbott


“The best training I ever took.”

 Anonymous child protection worker